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Welcome to Galactic Rebel Defense Website!

Galactic Rebel Defense!

Welcome to Galactic Rebel Defense's Website. We hope you like it!!
Lindan Horn (Galactic Rebel Defense Guild Veteran)

GRD Site

04/21/2015 SWG EMU Bloodfin

Come Join us Today!!! Let's Have some fun! Check it out!

04/21/2015 Guild Meeting Coming Soon!

Guild Meeting Coming Soon!

04/21/2015 GRD's Forum Now Active

Galactic Rebel Defense forum is now active and is available for use. Please register and an admin will allow you access as soon as possible. Forum Rules will be posted in the near future.

04/21/2015 GRD Teamspeak

Galactic Rebel Defense gets New Teamspeak!!! Many thanks and gratitude for the hard work and effort put into it by all parties.!

06/24/2011 SOE to shut down SWG

June 24, 2011 SOE announced that a mutual agreement between SOE and Lucasarts has been reached that SWG will be shut down. The last day of play for SWG on any server will be Dec 15, 2011. Today is a sad day!!!

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